Sahiwal Cow

The Sahiwal Cows are the tick-resistant as well as heat-tolerant animals, noted for their high resistance to parasites. These animals are appreciable for their milk production capacity.

HF Cow

HF cows have distinguishing color markings on their bodies. These have piebald pattern and have usability in the different farm circles.They give creamy and calcium-rich milk.

Murrah Buffalo

The Murrah buffalo is a water buffalo, largely kept for the purpose of milk production. The cattle are capable to survive in many adverse conditions. Offered animals are tamed for improve milk production.

Tharparkar Cow

The Tharparkar Cows are the medium-sized of long tapering face, medium-sized horns and semi-pendulous ears. They can survive in many types of weather and are resistant to disease and parasites.

Hariana Cow

The Hariana Cows are cows of long and narrow face. They are considered as the fairly good milk yielders. Offered are the cows of highmilchcapacity and draught resistance.

Jersey Cow

The Jersey cows are the special breed, raised mainly for large milk production. The offered breed is popular due to the high milk production it contributes to. The animals give the milk of butterfat content.

Cow Heifer

Hiffer cows are the highest-production dairy animals. The said cows have accessibility in affordable prices. Provided cows have resistance to disease, ticks and extreme temperatures. Offered are the animals of world's highest milk production dairy animal.

Breeding Bulls

HF Bulls have good genetic potential and ensures the reproduction of healthy calves. These are also suited for the ploughingof field. They are properly vaccinated and healthy animals of high fertility rate.

Gir Cow

The Karan Swiss cows are the dual purpose breed in which the high producing females exist. The animals are gray to dark brown in color. The cattle are the prolific, adaptable and long-lived breeders.

Mehsana Buffalo
A water buffalo called Mehsana buffalo is often found in daily farms, raised for the production of milk. This famous milker and breeder is a black coloured buffalo with long body and light limbs.

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